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2014: First Show

It all started with a simple question: where can we rent an RV which is clean, affordable and has quality service? We wanted to take our 3 kids out on an adventure and trying make this experience unique turned out to be the starting point for our company. This happened in 2014 and ever since we have been in the ‘adventure’ service business; we fell in love with the process of crafting our services so that we can provide an excellent service while creating a unique experience for our customers.

2015: First Member Event

We started our business at home! Thank God, our neighbors back then were really great and very understanding. But eventually, our driveway really turned out to be too short for all the vehicles and we needed to graduate to a bigger location. We are grateful that ‘growth’ has been the single most important indicator for decision making as we expand – as the demand for our services grew we ventured out to find a property that could house a larger collection of RVs and that’s how found our current building. We now can maintain and prepare our vehicles to the best standard. Even Henry, our building ghost (landlord?), likes that we are here.

What started as a business literally driven out of our garage & home, is now a growing company with new vehicles, new subscription model, excellent reviews on Yelp and new offerings we are very exciting about. Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding service – new vehicles with comfortable interior & exterior is the basis and expected anyways (after all, who wants to drive around in a vehicle that is next to falling apart?), but the real differentiator is how we treat our customers. We run the extra mile to take care of customers: you don’t know how a RV feature works? No problem, call us. You are stranded on the freeway because something happened, no reason to be stressed out – call our roadside assistance. Need help in finding the best tour for your roadtrip? Call us, we’ll help customizing one for you as well. We always do our best!

2016: Happy Fam

Everyone on our team has the best interest of our customers in mind – this can’t be thought, caring is an important requirement and the common denominator in all of us. It is not just a “job” for us; we truly want to make your trip a perfect, fun & memorable trip – creating unforgettable memories!

All our vehicles are 2015 and newer. We just picked up 3 new 2019 units this summer and we’ll be continuing to grow the fleet. We think is important to listen to our customers. Thus, it is our tradition to check with our members which vehicle they’d like to see next. That has been a great way to make sure we purchase vehicles you, as our customer/member, actually want to be in. Our new vehicles are great from a comfort and features perspective (yes, our kids fight over the cool, big overhead bed which has a nice window in the front – let us know how your kids like that one).

RVs are great, but to add more fun to the trip – we are expanding our toys collection with ATVs. Our kids love them, and we are pretty sure, you’ll love them too. You can rent them once you are a subscription member.

The ‘RVing’ experience is more than a trip to the desert or the river, ‘RVing’ is an importunity to explore nature as much as it is to further explore the love with family and friends. Also, remember that you can use our toys for an urban experience too; you can use it to help your movie productions or enjoy an event of your favorite band… Whatever it is, we can help making your adventure unforgettable!